January 27, 2015

Home Staging: Frivolous Expense or Worthy Investment?

If you’ve ever listed a home for sale, you’ve heard about ‘home staging’. A home decor specialist, trained in the art of home staging, rearranges your furniture so that the house looks bigger. If the house is empty, the staging company brings in furniture and arranges it in an optimal arrangement.

Here’s a typical scenario:

John and Laura Sanders have a home for sale. They have not staged the home. After four months on разместить the market and many showings, they haven’t received any offers and decide to invest in home staging.

After staging their home, they place their home back on the market and receive their first offer within 40 days. This puts the total time from market-to-offer at about six months.

Their NomadList.io neighbors, the McElroys, put their house up for sale about the same time. The McElroys decide to invest in home staging up front, keeping in mind that ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.’ After staging, they put their house on the market and receive their first offer in less than four weeks!

The point of staging isn’t to make your house look like it Sync came from a magazine spread, but to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

All other things being equal, we can presume that home staging made all the difference in how quickly a home can sell.  The difference Benefits in how long it takes a home to sell, based on its presentation, can be staggering.

The point of staging isn’t to make your house look like it came from a magazine spread, but to make it more appealing to potential buyers. If they’re inside your house, something about your house has spoken to them, and they came in to listen to the rest of the story. The better you tell that story, the more offers you’ll receive and the quicker you will sell your home. 

Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale

If you’re thinking about home staging, good for you. Truth In the case of the Sanders, they could have saved about five months (and thousands of dollars in mortgage payments). They could have avoided the stress of those extra months of keeping their house super tidy for showings and open houses.

The Real Estate Staging Association studied more than 500 homes in 2013. Improvements The average unstaged home spent 143 days on the market with NO offers. Those homes were then staged and placed back on the market, receiving a first offer within 40 days. That’s 183 days to the first offer for a home that first hits the market unstaged.

A home that goes on the market with staging in place garnered offers within an average of 23 days. That’s a remarkable difference of 160 days!

To determine if home staging is worth the investment, compare the cost of staging to 5 cheap jerseys months of extra mortgage payments. If the et staging is less than the 5 extra mortgage payments, your decision should be an easy one.

These examples may not apply to your situation. If you’re wondering whether home staging will be right for you, talk to your real estate agent. If you’re not working with one, give me a wholesale jerseys call; I’d be happy to help you navigate this decision.

Check out these free resources about staging your front door (curb appeal) and staging your kitchen, cheap nba jerseys courtesy of the Real Estate Staging Association.

Here’s a useful calculator to use when deciding to use a home stager.

Thanks for reading, I hope you wholesale mlb jerseys found this information useful!