A Beautiful, Crabgrass-Free Lawn

February 13, 2015

Homeowner Tips #6

It’s February, and it’s cold outside. Just a little though, thankfully! With the mild winter we’re experiencing in Kansas City, you’re probably already thinking Spring. You’re not alone. Many homeowners have learned to stay in front of maintenance issues, and they are wise to think of lawn care proactively.

In fact, the lawn is the easiest part of your property to maintain. You don’t need any special tools, except for a lawn mower and a fertilizer spreader, and they’re not usually very special. You don’t need any special education; all the formulation and instructions have been provided. All you need is time and the willingness to put in a little sweat equity. And like most home maintenance, you can hire someone else to do it, giving the local economy a boost. For a list of local service providers we recommend, check out our Partners page.

If you’re more of a DIY person, here’s a tip to get a jump on early risers like crabgrass:

Apply crabgrass prevention anytime from February to April.

Most crabgrass prevention is part fertilizer, part weed-killer, so applying it now will give the fertilizer time to do its thing over the next few weeks, making your lawn greener and cleaner than your neighbor’s once Spring begins (unless he reads this blog too).

Most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s are already stocking up for Spring, so head over there and grab a bag today.  Your Spring self will thank you.

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