January 12, 2015

Kansas City Ranking on NomadList.io

As a digital native, I love all cheap nfl jerseys things that Kansas City cheap jerseys is doing to make itself more tech-friendly. It’s going to be vital for all cities to follow our lead (or at least a similar path) if they want to R remain viable places for workers and their families in the future.

Google Fiber, for example, is the world’s fastest (1000Mb/s, that’s a Gigabit per second, you know!) Internet speed, available through much of the area on both sides of the river, and the friends at Google are expanding its reach as we speak.

Today I came across a startup founder who is starting a startup a month for 12 months. That’s 12 new companies in a single year!

One of the College startups of local concern is NomadList.io, which cheap jerseys ranks metropolitan areas around the world on how easy it is for a digital nomad to live and work in the area.

Kansas City wholesale nfl jerseys was found to have bad weather (who knew?!) today, at 30 degrees F, but good internet, food, cost Cost of living, people-of-all-types-friendliness, night life, and several dozen Nomads currently roosting in Kansas City, ranking at #146 in the entire world for digital nomads.

For more detail, check Authentic it out for yourself: https://nomadlist.io/kansas-city-missouri-united-states.

If you’re considering moving to Kansas City, you’ll wholesale jerseys probably love it (as I do!) eventually, if not at first. ホームページ You’ll probably want to plant roots and buy a house next. I can help you with that.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Kansas City (or apartment, condo, loft, or open prairie of your very own), contact me.

Let’s make it happen.

Oh yeah, and if you’ve never been to Kansas City before, here’s a taste, from a native: